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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Harrogate, a Voluntary Academy

"Let all that you do be done in love." (1 Corinthians 16:14)

Design Technology

Design Technology Curriculum Statement

Rationale of Vision and Mission Statement with Design Technology

Design and Technology Curriculum Overview

Design and Technology Progression of Skills

At St. Joseph’s, pupils learn to design and make functional and appealing products, drawing on skills from other curriculum areas, such as mathematics, art and science. DT is divided into four sections. The first section is design, this is where children will research and develop their own criteria and will design their own product based on this. Next the children will move onto the make section, in this section the children will select and use a wide range of tools and resources to make their design. Once their design has been made the children will then evaluate their finished product and will use their knowledge gained to understand how DT has shaped the world. Throughout the DT process the children will also develop their technical knowledge; they will develop their understanding of how things are made and how things can be improved.

DT Books Y1-6

Reception- Baking Mug Cakes

Year 1- Smoothie Making!

Year 2- Structures, making baby bears chair.

Year 5- Building Structures

Year 6- Textiles, making waistcoats