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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Harrogate, a Voluntary Academy

"Let all that you do be done in love." (1 Corinthians 16:14)


Recycling Assembly

The School Council did an excellent job leading Key Stage Two in a recycling assembly today. They gave us lots of top tips about recycling and will be coming around with some posters to display in class. Thank you to our honorary School Council member for this assembly – Piper -who brought the issue to our attention.

This was their final job of the year and as always, they did an excellent job. A big thank you and well done to this year’s School Councillors.

14.06.19 Summer Newsletter

05.03.19 Fairtrade


The School Councillors led an assembly to kick off Fairtrade week. They talked about what Fairtrade is and why we should choose Fairtrade products. It was interesting to learn that lots of the products that we already buy are Fairtrade! We also enjoyed finding out about where lots of our everyday products come from. Throughout the week each class will participate in lessons and activities linked to Fairtrade.



British Values 11.2.19

british values.jpg

The School Council led an assembly on British Values. We talked about what we each value and then linked this to British Values and discussed what each of these are.


E-Safety 4.2.19

Ahead of Internet Safety day on the 5th of February, the School Councillors led an assembly on how to stay safe online. We also linked in some information on gaming safely. Since this week is also Mental Health Awareness week, we reminded everyone of how to look after their mental health which tied in well with our e-safety and gaming messages.

Spring 1 Newsletter

Road Safety Week    19.11.18

To start off Road Safety Awareness week, the School Council led an assembly. We covered important points such as how to cross roads safely and the Green Cross Code.


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Anti – Bullying Week Assembly 12.11.18

We kicked off anti-bulling week with an assembly, reminding everyone of what bullying is and how we can deal with it. We talked about the theme for this year ‘Choose Respect’ and brought in the story of ‘The Good Samaritan’.

Throughout the week some classes had excellent workshops on themes such as racism.

We have been selling wrist bands around school this week to promote anti-bullying and raise money for Bullying UK. To finish the week we will be having an own clothes day.


Mental Health Awareness Day    10.10.18

As our first job as School Councillors we led a Mental Health Awareness assembly. We talked about what mental health is and how we can all try to look after our mental health. We gave everyone some top tips about what they can try to do to look after other too.



Autumn 1 Newsletter


This week we were very excited to announce our new School Council members in assembly. I can’t wait to work with the new team. We will be having our first meeting very shortly so keep a look out for updates!

Mrs Perry

St. Joseph's School Council Members 2018-2019


Our School Council play a very active and important role in our school. They regularly meet to discuss suggestions and ideas about how to improve our school. School Council members are elected by others in their class. 

The School Council have many roles and responsibilities. These include meeting with members of the Governing Body, being involved in the interviewing of new staff, delivering school assemblies, representing their class during meetings and discussing new school policies when appropriate.