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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Harrogate, a Voluntary Academy

"Let all that you do be done in love." (1 Corinthians 16:14)

Personal Development Behaviour and Welfare (PDBW)

Here are some of the answers to a Personal Development Behaviour and Welfare questionnaire given to the school council:

  • We feel safe in school

  • We are taught how to stay safe; drugs, alcohol in UKS2 and making the right decision in KS1.

  • All classes could talk about e safety - children spoke of assembly on this topic.

  • Everyone is kind and sharing in the playground

  • Children are willing to answer questions in class

  • All agreed that everyone treats each other with respect e.g. holding doors, listening, being good friends.

  • “Our work is challenging, but we work through it when its hard- we can always ask the teacher for help”

  • “I like the hard work because it makes us stretch ourselves”

  • “Being a successful learner means always trying and then trying again.”

  • In Year 6 there are lots of leadership opportunities.

  • All agreed that there is a big variety of clubs to go to and Y6 commented that our sports leader organises lots of fun events.

  • If we fall over or feel ill, a teacher helps us. We have worry boxes in most classrooms and can talk to teachers if we need to.

  • Is there bullying or unkindness? No. We have an anti-bullying assembly and lessons every year and so we know what to do.

  • We learn lots about (developing as good citizens) in our PSHE lessons (upper Key Stage 2). We have faith weeks when we learn about other religions. We have a British values assembly each year when we learn about some of these things.

  • We learn a lot through assemblies and collective worship.

  • Our RE lessons also helps us to know how we should behave.

  • Everyone wants to do their best and learn a lot in school.

  • Yes, we make sure that we aren’t rude to staff in school.

  • Yes (we understand the consequences of our actions and take responsibility for them), we have traffic light warning boards or you may have to fill out a reflection form.

  • Yes (the environment kept well, no litter and if so is it picked up) , we all help keep our classrooms tidy and we recycle too.