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Summer 1 Newsletter

Please click on the image to see photographs.

Please click on the image to see photographs.

Summer 2

Science and Media Museum Trip

We all really enjoyed our trip to the Science and Media Museum. First we visited the Wonderlab, where we explored light and sound. We also went into the Wonderlab Studio, where we saw scientific experiments at work!

We also visited the Retro Games room before lunch, and got to play some old games.

After lunch we learned all about the history of the internet.

Summer 1

Robot Dog

As part of our work for our explanation text about a robot dog, we have created our own brands of robot dog food, designed our products to look appealing, and acted out our own adverts. All the different brands sounded really tasty, and I’m sure any robot dog would love to eat the nuts, bolts, cogs, oil and all sorts that made up our different dog foods.

Topic - South America

We began our new topic by using atlases to learn about the physical geography of South America. We found its position on the world map and decided that we thought most of South America would be hot because it is close to the Equator. We filled in our own maps with the main physical features, such as the Andes, the Amazon Rainforest, and some of the main rivers.

Today, we are working in small groups and researching different South American countries. We are creating posters that we will present to the class. We have to include information about the main cities, language, population, economy and trade, natural resources, climate, and the physical geography.


In PSHCE we have been learning about money. Today, we had a silent conversation about a range of money scenarios. We wrote and responded to questions about what we would do if we had found someone else’s money, lending or borrowing money, and how to be sensible when spending our own money.

Spring 2

Maths - Fractions

This week we have been learning about fractions. Everyone enjoyed creating their own fractions using numicon, before drawing them into our books!

Good Shepherd Sponsored Walk

We all enjoyed the beautiful weather and each others’ company on our sponsored walk on Friday!


To finish off our topic on Anglo-Saxons, we used everything we had learned so far to create our own timelines. We included the invasions of the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings, important battles and famous kings, how and when the Anglo-Saxons became Christians, and the ending of Anglo-Saxon rule over England in 1066.

Collective Worship

Collective worship 28/03/19 We wrote our own prayers to ask God to help us love one another.

Science Week

We had fantastic fun during Science week. The children took part in a competition to build a marble run using a cardboard box, paper and a few other items. Year 3’s marble runs were amazing, with lots of creative and ‘out of the box’ designs! Well done to everyone!

Spring 1

Autumn 1

Making a display about ourselves: our favourite things, what we are good at, and three wishes for this school year.

Learning about our class saint: St. Peter.

We read different bible verses about St. Peter and thought about how his actions can teach us how to behave. We learned about forgiveness and how we can follow Jesus’s example by forgiving others, just as he forgave Peter.

We made our own display by writing about why St. Peter is important to us, and included quotes from the bible.

Using counters to help us learn about place value.

Creating our Ancient Greek Timeline! We learned about famous Greeks like Alexander the Great and Pythagoras, when the Olympic Games began, wars between Athens and Sparta, and the Greek Alphabet.

Role Play: Thinking about how we keep promises.

We learned about Daedalus and Icarus and how they built wings to escape from Crete. We wrote diary entries as the characters in the stories, then we designed our own wings, before making them in DT.