St Joseph's Christmas Fair

On Friday 14th December we held our Christmas Fair. All the classes planned their stalls and worked hard to create their games and goods to sell. The stalls raised £170.30. The SJSA held their hamper raffle and raised a fantastic £517. They have kindly donated £100 of this along with the stall money to our Advent charity Mission together.


The new Transdev bus named after our school

On Tuesday 27th November, we had a special treat. Transdev have a new fleet of electric buses and one of them has been named after our school. The St Joseph’s bus visited school for its official name unveiling. The children were the first people to sit on the bus which is now  operational in and around the Harrogate area. We also got a shout out on Stray FM the link to it is below


Pupil quotes about St. Joseph's

Here are some of the answers to a Personal Development Behaviour and Welfare questionnaire given to the school council this week

  • We feel safe in school

  • We are taught how to stay safe; drugs, alcohol in UKS2 and making the right decision in KS1.

  • All classes could talk about e safety - children spoke of assembly on this topic.

  • Everyone is kind and sharing in the playground

  • Children are willing to answer questions in class

  • All agreed that everyone treats each other with respect e.g. holding doors, listening, being good friends.

  • “Our work is challenging, but we work through it when its hard- we can always ask the teacher for help”

  • “I like the hard work because it makes us stretch ourselves”

  • “Being a successful learner means always trying and then trying again.”

  • In Year 6 there are lots of leadership opportunities.

  • All agreed that there is a big variety of clubs to go to and Y6 commented that our sports leader organises lots of fun events.

  • The children commented that they sometimes do a ‘mile a day’ challenge

  • We are a very active school.

  • If we fall over or feel ill, a teacher helps us. We have worry boxes in most classrooms and can talk to teachers if we need to.

  •  Is there bullying or unkindness? Not often. We have an anti-bullying assembly and lessons every year and so we know what to do.

  • We learn lots about (developing as good citizens) in our PSE lessons (upper Key Stage 2). We have faith weeks when we learn about other religions. We have a British values assembly each year when we learn about some of these things.

  • We learn a lot through assemblies and collective worship.

  • Our RE lessons also helps us to know how we should behave.

  • Most of the time we all behave well.

  • Everyone wants to do their best and learn a lot in school.

  • Yes, we make sure that we aren’t rude to staff in school.

  • Yes (we understand the consequences of our actions and take responsibility for them), we have warning boards or you may have to fill out a reflection form.

  • Yes (the environment kept well, no litter and if so is it picked up) , we all help keep our classrooms tidy and we recycle too.

Saints Week

During the first week of the new school year we celebrate and learn all about our class Saints.


Our class saint is Saint Therese. She loved flowers and saw herself as the "little flower of Jesus," who gave glory to God by just being her beautiful little self among all the other flowers in God's garden. We painted our own flowers to remind u of her story and to decorate our classroom. St Therese's motto was "to love Jesus and make Jesus loved". We talked about ways that we could show Jesus that we love him and we decorated a shield with our ideas.


Year 2 have been learning about St Patrick's life. We enjoyed making our own paper plate shamrocks to symbolism the Holy Trinity and St Patrick's teachings. 


In Year 3 we were learning about S. Peter. We started off by finding out what we already knew about St Peter (a lot) and added it to a spider diagram in our books. We then watched a video and listened to some of the stories about St. Peter and added more information to our diagrams. Then, we split into groups and looked at different Bible verses, before telling the class what we thought they meant, and how they show St. Peter is important to us. We finished by writing a report about what we had learned, then wrote about why St Peter is important to us on some fish so we could make a display.


This week we have been drawing portraits of St John Paul (not finished yet!). We have been creating fact files about him and we have been describing his attributes using short films of his life to inspire us.


This week we introduced the story of the Children of Fatima. We learned about, 'The Miracle of the Sun' and how Our Lady appeared to three children over six months, encouraging them to pray and make small sacrifices.

From this, we were inspired to create a mosaic sun and a spinning sun. We are very pleased with our work.

Year 6

This week in Year 6 have been studying our class saint Jerzy Popieluzsko. We found out all about his story and then created collages representing his life. Later on we linked our learning about Jerzy to pacifism and explored how Catholicism and other denominations of Christianity promote non-violent solutions. From here we worked in groups to create reports linking in everything we had learnt.

Mini Vinnies visit the Little Sisters of the Poor by Lila & Sanuthi

On the 1st May 2018 the Mini Vinnies went to see the Little Sisters Of The Poor. When we arrived we met some of the Sisters and went into the beautiful chapel and sang some lovely hymns such as: Here I am to Worship, Walk With Me and Amazing Grace. Then we were introduced to some of the kind residents, We all brought some of our school work to show the residents and asked questions about their lives. They gave us lovely food and made sure we were all well. After this we went into the glamorous garden to have a look around. We really enjoyed our time there and we presented them with a cheque for £854.45 following our successful fundraising. We are also very grateful for the two beautiful paintings by Sister Mary Margaret which she gave to us for school!

Mini Vinnies - Spring Planting

On Tuesday 13th March, the Mini Vinnies had the absolute pleasure of meeting with the SVP (St Vincent de Paul Society) and planting some spring plants that could be taken home. Everyone enjoyed planting the pansies and violas and it was great that we could all work together and enjoy this activity. We can’t wait to see what the plants look like as Spring develops and the plants begin to flower.


Y6 Holocaust Assembly

On 29th January, Year 6 led an assembly to honour the memory of Holocaust Memorial Day. We read the touching story of Anne Frank and her family, and got to hear what it was like through the 'Power of Words' in Anne's famous diary. It was very interesting but also upsetting to hear what foul crimes were committed during those dark times. 


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Choir singing at Sainsbury's Harrogate

On Monday, our school choir had a very successful visit to the main Sainsbury's store in Harrogate. The choir entertained Christmas shoppers with their wonderful carol singing.  They were accompanied by Mrs Crowther, Mrs Kent and Mr Thompson.                              Mrs Crowther said, "The children sang beautifully and were all a credit to the school.       It was also a very profitable venture and an amazing amount to be collected from the shoppers!"

The children raised a magnificent £185.00 in an hour and a half which is going to our advent charity, St Joseph's SVP society. Well done to our choir!!

Christmas Fair

Thank to all of our families for supporting our Christmas fair on Friday with all of your lovely donations for the hampers and for coming along with the children to support our advent fundraiser. In total we raised £294.80! This money will go be added to our other advent fundraising events for our advent charity, St Joseph's SVP scoiety. 

The SJSA would like to thank everyone for once again supporting the Christmas Hampers raffle which raised a fantastic £405 . Congratulations to all the winners!

Road Safety Week

This week is Road Safety Week at St Joseph's.  This was kick started with a wonderful presentation.  Today the School Council led the whole school assembly and talked about the Green Cross Code.  They said this was very important for pupils to learn to ensure they are all safe.  They used very clear and colourful slides to engage the pupils with their advice.

Bulb Planting

The Mini Vinnies assisted Harrogate Rotary Club on Tuesday 31st October by planting crocus bulbs at Walker's Passage near The Stray.  Staff and pupils walked during the afternoon to the area where each pupil then planted a number of bulbs each.  The Mayor of Harrogate also attended this lovely event.  

Good Shepherd Mass

On Friday 19 May Mrs Rouse along with our Head boy and Head Girl, Tony and Emily went to the Good Shepherd Mass at the Cathedral in Leeds, to present Bishop Marcus with our fundraising, a grand total of £969.01!!!

A huge thank you to everyone for this amazing fundraising, which more than
tripled last year’s total!

The following report was written by Tony and Emily:

First, we arrived at school at 8:15 and got a taxi to Leeds. When we arrived at Leeds Cathedral with Mrs Rouse we took a seat in the pew. The service started with a parade to symbolise the different schools in our diocese; they each carried a banner around the Cathedral. We then took part in a special Mass where we reflected on the work of Catholic Care by listening to the Holy Family School. Then we presented Bishop Marcus with the £969.09 we raised. We had our photos taken with the Bishop and joined the other schools in the hall for some juice and biscuits. Then we got the taxi back and enjoyed the rest of the day in school!