Academy Council

Academy Council Annual Statement 2017-2018

Academy Council Members

Who we are:

Name Role Appointment Responsibilities
Simon Atkinson Foundation Member and Chair 19/12/2015 –18/12/2019
by Bishop/Diocese
Year 5 Council Member, CPD (Training/performance
management (to include Governor Training), BUS
(Finance, buildings H&S)
Father Neil Byrne Foundation Member and Vice Chair 01/09/2017 - 31/08/2021 by Bishop/Diocese CPS (Child protection/safeguarding)
TLP (Teaching/learning/pastoral care)
Valerie Clemerson Foundation Member 02/12/2016 - 01/12/2021 by Bishop/Diocese Year R & 1 Council Member, KPG (Key pupil,groups: SEN, PP, LAC), CLE (Catholic Life/enrichment)
Jonathon Haley Foundation Member 01/09/2017 - 31/08/2021 by Bishop/Diocese Year 2 Council Member, BUS (Finance, buildings H&S)
Kathryn Dillon Foundation Member 01/09/2017 - 31/08/2021 by Bishop/Diocese Year 6 Council Member, KPG (Key pupil groups: SEN, PP, LAC),
Alison Ashworth Executive Headteacher Ex-officio School Development Plan, Admissions, Discipline, Child Protection/Safeguarding, Global
Link, Health and Safety
Liz Clarkson Parent Member 15/07/2015 - 14/07/2019 Elected Year 3 & Year 4 Council Member, STW
(Staff Welfare), PAC (Parental
Rachel Rouse Staff Governor 16/09/2016 – 15/09/2020 Child Protection/Safeguarding, Admissions
Mark Gargan Associate Member 15/09/2015 - 14/09/2019 by Academy Council
Mark Stephenson Clerk to Academy Council By Academy Council

What we do:

Academy Council Members are jointly responsible for the conduct of the school, ensuring that the best possible Catholic education is provided for the pupils attending the school. 

We provide strategic direction to the school by:

  • setting its aims and objectives

  • establishing policies and targets to achieve them

  • monitoring, evaluating and reviewing the progress of the school

As members of the Academy Council, we are the employers of the school staff, teaching and support, with the legal and ethical responsibilities of good employers.  We each take on a serious responsibility and make available time and energy to:

  • attend meetings;

  • consider documents;

  • undertake governor training;

  • visit the school.

Foundation Members have an additional responsibility to preserve and develop the Catholic ethos and distinctive Catholic nature of our school.

Link Academy Council Member

1. At St. Joseph’s School link academy councilors are appointed by the academy council to understand, oversee, monitor and report on their subject area especially focusing on any specific aspects of the School Development Improvement Plan (SDIP). Link academy councilors enrich the whole academy council's understanding of their particular area and contribute to informed decision making. 

2. We also consider that link academy councilors help the academy council to develop positive links with staff and create a visible and professional profile within the school. 

3. There are additional link academy councilors who have specific roles in supporting the academy council to fulfil its statutory responsibilities in areas such as Child Protection, Special Educational Needs, Catholic Life of the School and Health & Safety. 


Please see below for more information about the role of a  Link Academy Councilor:

Role of the Link Academy Councilor