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My name is Miss Pywell and I'm so excited to be teaching in Year 2 for my 2nd year at St Joseph's. I live in Harrogate and in my spare time I enjoy playing tennis, baking and being in the outdoors with my lovely Miniature Schnauzer, Paddy.

I love my job because each day takes us on a different, exciting adventure allowing us to discover surprises and new knowledge. Our year 2 classroom is setup to encourage independence, challenge and develop a love of learning.

I can't wait to enjoy this academic year!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park
Today we went on our school trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park to consolidate our Kenya topic from last half term. Behaviour was excellent and lots of fun was had by all!

Silly Hair Day
St Josephs raised over £300 for Saltergate Primary School, thank you for your generosity!

Dream Jars
We are enjoying reading BFG this term, we have been planning our own version of the story and have just finished writing our wonderful stories. In Art and DT we have been doing lots of dreamy artwork! We’ve painted beautiful water colour paintings, created our own dream jars and made some dream catchers.

Power Down Pete
We had a visit from Power Down Pete on Friday. He delivered an assembly telling us all about why we need to save our planet and he told us lots of ways we could help to save it. Year 2 did two workshops learning about how we can power down.

This half term our topic in Science is plants. Today we observed plants and flowers in our school environment and recorded what we saw.

This half term has flown by in Year 2! Our topic this half term is Sensational Safari so we have been learning all about Kenya. We designed our own National Parks and Game Reserves, we learnt about the Maasai tribe and created our own jewellery. In Science we have been learning about the Environment, climate change and came up with lots of ways that we can help to look after our environment. In English and Maths the children have been working so hard and revising for our SATs. Miss Pywell and Mrs Broadberry are so proud of us as we completed our SATs this week with flying colours so why not celebrate with some popcorn and a film!

Today in Science we did a STEM activity and worked as a team to build nests for birds. We thought about where we would like to live if we were birds and thought about why we’d like to build nests in certain places as well as thinking of materials we might need. The nests we built were amazing, we had bird swings made from daisy chains, lots of soft materials for beds, flowers to add decoration and even shiny materials to attract magpies! Harrogate has some lucky birds! ☆

We celebrated all our hard work this term with an Easter Egg hunt outside in the sunshine. Have a wonderful Easter break.

Year 2 Walking for the Good Shepherd!

Year 2’s trip to Mass on Tuesday 2nd April. We all behaved beautifully and our bidding prayers readers did a wonderful job. Well done!  ★

Year 2’s trip to Mass on Tuesday 2nd April. We all behaved beautifully and our bidding prayers readers did a wonderful job. Well done!

Oompa Loompas at work!
This term our topic is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We have been using wonderful descriptive writing to write our own versions of when we found the last golden ticket. In Art & DT we have been working hard for Willy Wonka to design and create our own chocolate bar wrappers as well as creating them using melted chocolate and different moulds. We had so much fun! Willy Wonka said we would all be fit to work in his factory.

Y2 Assembly
Class 2 delivered a wonderful assembly last Friday in anticipation of St Patricks Day. St Patrick is our class saint, we have learnt lots about him throughout the year so thought this was a perfect opportunity to share all our knowledge. We talked about how people celebrate St Patricks Day around the world and practised some Ceilidh dancing!

STEM week 2019
This week is British STEM week, some year 2’s helped to kick-start the week off by delivering an assembly to the whole school. They all read so clearly and confidently, well done!

World Book Day 2019

We had a wonderful day for World Book Day, we all looked fantastic! We enjoyed sharing our favourite books, making bookmarks, writing book reviews and completing a book scavenger hunt.