The wearing of school uniform is compulsory and is strictly enforced for the following reasons:

  1. It helps to foster a sense of belonging to a community. 
  2. It enables a child not only to identify with but also to be seen as a member of the school. 
  3. It assures both parent and teacher that the child is wearing clothes that are smart and sensible, thus removing the potential problems that fashion and competition could bring about. 

Staff at the school will speak to children who are not wearing the correct uniform.

New School Uniform from September 2017

We understand that purchasing school uniform can be very costly for parents. The Reception children will start with this uniform in September 2017, with other year groups being able to purchase the new uniform from September too. This change will be phased in so that by September 2018 all children will be wearing the new school uniform.

Pupils in Reception, year 1 and year 2 can wear a white school polo- t shirt and the new school purple woolen jumper or cardigan, They may wear a white shirt and the new school elastic/clip on tie, instead of the polo t-shirt but this is not compulsory,

Pupils in year 3 upwards will be wear a white long or short sleeved shirt and traditional new school tie with the new school purple woolen jumper or cardigan. The new shirt, tie and woolen jumper/cardigan is compulsory for pupils in key stage two from September 2018.


Each item should be clearly marked with the child's name.
Most items of uniform are available from Emblazon and Rawcliffes

All other school uniform (e.g. white school shirts, grey trousers or grey skirt) can be purchased as usual from retailers that sell school uniform.

In the summer term, boys may wear  grey shorts instead of trousers and girls may wear a purple gingham dress.

The current white polo t shirt and purple sweatshirt will not be wasted and will be able to be worn for PE (indoor and outdoor respectively) and also when we participate in external sporting competitions. 


We discourage pupils from bringing valuables or large amounts of money to school. Cash payments must be made to the school office whenever possible by the parents/carers.


Our policy on jewellery is based on the Health and Safety Policy provided by NYCC. Jewellery should not be worn in PE or sporting activities.