Welcome to Reception!

My name is Miss Blyde and I am very excited to be continuing in Reception having joined St Joseph’s in May.

I am really looking forward to being part of our new children’s first year of school. I can’t wait to help them discover lots of new and exciting things in the year ahead. We have a wonderful learning environment, where the children can choose to access resources and equipment both inside and outside.

I moved here from Essex five years ago and in my spare time enjoy going out into the countryside, baking, yoga and reading.

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Friday, 12th October 2018. Our local PCSO came to visit today.
He helped us think about how we can help keep ourselves safe. We talked about road safety and who can help us if we get lost when we are shopping. We even got to try on his spare police officer hats and jackets!

Friday, 19th October 2018.

We celebrated our first six weeks of school with an assembly all about friendship.
The children were all superstars. They were so confident in standing up and speaking in front of such a big audience, and sang beautifully.

We pulled up our sunflower plants and saved the heads. We took a closer look at the seeds before saving them for the birds to eat. We then planted daffodil and snowdrop bulbs to observe in the spring.

Please find below a link to an Early Years Parent’s Guide. It may be useful in discovering more about the goals your child will be working towards this year.

14.12.18 Christmas Jumper Day for Mission Together and our special visitor.

For Child Mental Health Week (4-10 Feb 2019), we talked about how important it is to get lots of sleep, take lots of exercise and eat healthily. The Children came up with lots of good ideas for how to sleep well  such as: wear warm pyjamas, drink warm milk and don’t stay up too late. They knew lots of other ways to stay healthy too; eat less sugar and drink lots of water and that chips might have salt, which is not healthy.

Safer Internet Day 2019

We had a special circle time to talk about how to stay safe online. We played games where we had to help the characters decide what to do next. Should they just click OK, or should they ask their Mum or Dad. The children gave very sensible answers such as, it can be okay to play a video game after their dinner, but only if they ask Mum or Dad first. We also read the Chicken Clicken story about a young chick who did not use the internet safely.

Chinese New Year Parade

Pentathlon, 12.02.19