The whole of St. Joseph's participated in an Intra School competition on Thursday 30th March. We took part in a pentathlon in the hall and worked in our house teams to earn points. The scores will be published on Monday after the winning house is announced after Collective Worship.  The Y5 Sports Leaders also chose 6 children from every class who displayed the School Games Values: Passion, Teamwork, Determination, Respect, Honesty and Self-Belief. Those children will be notified on Monday in the assembly and they will receive individual stickers and a certificate. It was a brilliant day where the children challenged themselves and had great fun. Well done, St. Joseph's!

Changes to the PE Curriculum

Images from REAL PE, www.createdevelopment.co.uk

Images from REAL PE, www.createdevelopment.co.uk

Changes to how PE is delivered have begun here at St. Joseph's.  All staff have been trained with the new approach to teaching PE in accordance with the Government's drive of focusing on Agility, Balance and Coordination instead of the traditional 'sports' that have been delivered for the history of PE.

All children from across the school completed a questionnaire regarding their feelings towards PE before we started the scheme, of which the results will be published very soon. This will be used as a baseline to compare one aspect of our children's well-being with how they feel at the end of the school year once the new scheme is established.

Now the scheme is being implemented, hopefully the children are coming home as excited about PE as they are in the lessons. Teachers who have started the new REAL PE scheme with their classes have been delighted with the fun and engagement of ALL children.

More information about the scheme we have invested in will be added in the near future.

We are hoping to provide extra-curricular clubs to encourage children to put the skills they are developing in school into a sporting context. Therefore, sport can co-exist with the fundamental PE skills being taught in school.  Of course, we will also be registering for as many festivals and tournaments as we can through the Harrogate School Sports Partnership.

Cross Country Event - House Competition

Report written by our Sports Ambassadors in Year 6: Orlaith D and Louis T

On Tuesday 8th November, every class took part in the cross country run. Year 6's ran with Reception and Year 1 to encourage them as this was their first cross country. 

Students from St John Fisher came to support and encourage us in the race. At the end, everyone was tired but enjoyed the afternoon. 

We hope that after this experience we will have helped the little ones run more. 

Look on each individual class page for photos.