Change4Life Club News

9th February. Today the children focused on jumping: the leaders drew around a few of their bodies and they jumped as far over the body as possible. Later, they practised their javelin throwing skills, scoring points in a mini competition. Following this the leaders led them in a game of Sharks which was a personal and social challenge with the aim of being honest and fair. Finally they practised floor movements and balance with a quoit relay. The leaders did a fab job leading the session and they chose Niall for the Respect award, Piper for the Teamwork award and Angelo for Honesty award.

Sports Ambassadors' Report by Orlaith and Louis

On Thursday 2nd February, four children from Year 6 helped with leading the Change4Life After School Club.  We helped them with archery and throwing and catching. The Year 6 children have had earlier experience with the sports.  Archery was tricky but everyone learned how to do it by the end of the session. It was great fun for all and the Year 6s enjoyed helping our younger children.

Photos taken by the Young Leaders - 2.2.17

The Change 4 Life club began last week and runs on Thursdays 3.30-4.30 pm. Currently 12 children from Y3/4 attend. The club offers fun activities to develop skills and focus on sporting values such as teamwork and self-belief. This week the children earned 'Respect' awards for their safe and impressive javelin throwing!