Year 6 Bikeability 8.2.19

These past two weeks, year six have participated in a Bikeability course. The course is aimed at teaching us how to be safe on the road. We were split into two different groups: 1&2. Group 1 on Thursday 31st and Wednesday 6th. Then Group 2 on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th.

On day one we made sure everything on our bikes were safe and ready to go on. we checked our helmets and discussed appropriate clothing to wear on a bike. Then we did the ABCC check (Air, Brakes, Chain and control) luckily everyone’s bike passed the test. Next, we played some games. First we rode through the cones (they got smaller every time we went round) and if you touched a cone you were out. Then we had a slow race, the last one to cross the line (who was Mark in our group) won. In the afternoon we practised stopping and starting on the roads and passing a parked car. We had to make sure we checked before setting of and moving from gutter to secondary. In the end we had to finish early because of the weather but we still learnt loads.

On day two we went out on the roads. We learnt how to turn left, making sure we signalled correctly. We learnt how to turn from a major road to a minor road and then minor to major. We also learnt to pass a side road and how to U turn. Then we used those skills and went on a bike ride turning left then U turning and then turning left again. Then in the afternoon we learnt how to turn right from major road to minor road then minor to major. We went on a longer bike ride combining all of our skills. Last we had a quiz on the different road signs.

Overall, we loved the experience of learning how to properly ride on the road. We have learnt lots about the different road signs and things that you have to do to have a safe journey.


By Sophie & Agatha

Group 1

Group 2