More able pupils

We believe that all children are entitled to receive a curriculum that is appropriate to their individual needs. We are committed to providing an enrichment culture for all pupils and strive to do this by providing access to a broad, stimulating academic and social environment that is enjoyable and exciting. We ensure that the range within the curriculum offers challenges, consolidation, pace and acknowledgement of specific gifts and talents matched to our pupil's abilities.

The classrooms offer a carefully structured atmosphere in which the contribution made by all pupils is recognised, differences acknowledged and where enthusiasm for learning is fostered.

As a school, we nurture the need to develop thinking. Thinking is a skill and as such has as much need to be taught as any other skill; we encourage all our pupils to be confident thinkers - thus an environment of investigation is encouraged.

The curriculum provides opportunities for all children to extend their ability in academic and non-academic areas. The academic provision promotes the development of the higher order thinking skills.