Collective Worship at St. Joseph’s

2018-2019 Collective Worship & Mass

21st December 2018

Year 4 gave a superb Advent Liturgy in today in front of the whole school and parents. Happy Christmas from pupils and staff at St Joseph’s.


Whole School at Advent Liturgy 21st December 2018


9th October 2018

Year 3 attended Mass this morning with our parishioners. year three will complete their First Reconciliation this school year so going to Mass is particularly relevant for them at this stage in their faith journey.


September 25th 2018

Each Tuesday one of our classes attends Mass at church. This week is was the turn of Y5.

2017-2018 Collective Worship

Holy Week Liturgy

This morning we held a Holy Week Liturgy to honour and celebrate the most holiest week of the church year. Our key stage two children led us in prayer and readings and our key stage one children shared their beautiful art work reflecting each day of Holy Week. We were delighted to have year 8 students, Mr Beetles, Mrs Gaertner and Mrs Crichton from St John Fisher Catholic High School join us this year, as a choir to sing and play instruments for us. The liturgy was extremely reflective and moving and our children were absolutely fantastic in their reading and singing. What a wonderful way to celebrate Holy Week in school!



Advent Liturgy Friday 22nd December

This morning Y6 led us in a wonderful liturgy to celebrate our last stage of our journey through the season of Advent. The children read beautifully and delivered a poignant message of the true meaning of Christmas, ending with a wonderful 'Mission' for everyone to take time each day to think of and say thank you to God, for our loved ones.

Each class chose a Christmas Carol to sing to match the readings in the liturgy.            The singing was beautiful and heartfelt. Thank you to the parents who attended.           We were delighted you shared this joyous advent liturgy with us. 

Advent Week Three

Well done to Y4 for leading the whole school in our third week of Advent Collective Worship, focusing on Gaudete Sunday and sharing the joy as we await the coming of Jesus. Our mission this week is, 'To share the joy among one another in school and at home.'





Advent Week Two

Year Three led us in a beautiful collective worship for the second week of Advent. Their focus was 'Peace' and how we can share and bring peace to one another during our journey of Advent.

Our Mission this week is to create peace by being sorry for what we have done wrong and forgiving others for their mistakes.


Advent Week One

Year Five planned and led our first whole school Advent Collective Worship, with a focus on 'Hope' reflecting the meaning of the first advent candle. Our Mission for this first week of advent is to keep our eyes open for people who need our help and give them hope.


We believe that Christian worship in a Catholic school names and celebrates God’s presence in our lives. It is concerned with giving glory, honour, praise and thanks to God. It is our loving response, in word and action, to God’s invitation to enter into relationship, made possible through the work of Jesus Christ and the witness of the Holy Spirit.

We acknowledge the legal requirement that there must be a daily act of worship for all pupils.2 (This can take place at any time during the school day and can be either a single act of worship for all pupils, or separate acts of worship in school groups.)

Please see our Collective Worship Policy for further details and St Joseph's Collective Worship Ritual Guidance specific to our school.