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Trudging through the deserted park, Cameron was feeling heart-broken: her parents weren’t allowed to keep her. She felt a painful breaking inside her as her sore, depressed heart cracked into a thousand pieces. What ever could she do?

While Cameron’s head was down, a small, colourful object caught her eye. Bending down, she picked up the wet specimen. It was bubble mixture! Unhygenically, she screwed off the lid and blew a bubble. All of a sudden, the once damp and lifeless park became a magical, glowing one.

Smiling from ear to ear, Cameron’s mood was lifted. Suddenly, a large bubble appeared at her side. Excited, she gracefully leapt on to the bubble, which shot off to the beautiful sky. Foolishly, she looked down. Cameron shut her eyes and took deep breaths. Then she took a tiny peek and was amazed to see the sun beaming down on her. Birds swooped past.

Just as she began to feel better, the bubble zoomed wildly towards a village. Slipping through her hair was the harmless breeze. Sharply, she came to a halt. Confused, frightened and yet amazed, she was above her current house. It was a mess: weeds growing; tiles hanging loosely; mould and dirt shading the walls.

Her happy mood faded. Unexpectedly, she blasted off again. This house she didn’t recognise. It was huge and clean, but gave her a sense of anxiety. Could this be…? Yes, it was! This was the house she was coming to live in!

For the third time, she shot off. However, this time she landed in the silence of a graveyard, which was old and stone-covered, to see nothing but graves. Her heart was in her stomach. “Oh no!” Cameron thought to herself. She scanned the grave names – unwillingly – for hers until… the church bells echoed.

All of a sudden, the church doors swung open. A beautiful woman in a beautiful wedding dress, closely followed by a handsome groom, came out of the church. This was her future! She was in that dress. She, Cameron, would finally be happy!

As she was taken away by the bubbles, Cameron had the biggest smile on her face. But when she arrived back at the park, a young, blue-eyed boy was there. He was sad: head down, hood up, face miserable. Everything was cloudy again. Cameron knew what she had to do…

The bubble mixture was rolled to the boy by Cameron. He spotted the mixture; picking it up, he blew a fantastic bubble that shimmered. She knew he was getting happier. Fascinated, Cameron watched him go on his adventure as she thought about happy memories with her parents.
— We get some fantastic pieces of written work in Year 6, well done Gaby!

A few photographs from a brilliant Sports Day - great sportsmanship skills Year 6!

On Thursday, Year 6 very much enjoyed their in-school leavers retreat with Joy O’Brien (Youth Ministry worker at St John Fisher High School). We worked on discipleship, transitioning to high school and reflecting on our primary education. Despite the wind, Year 6 also enjoyed an awesome picnic - thank you parents for the sharing plates! 

When Class 6 arrived at Jamie's Italian, we were introduced to Jamie (not the real one, unfortunately) and the Head Chef. We were split into groups to make pasta and focaccia.

When making pasta, Year 6 mixed the ingredients together in a Ferrari-red machine and then choose whether to make spaghetti, tagliatelle or pappardelle. When making bread, the children worked in groups and choose their own toppings. 

While the bread was being cooked, we went upstairs to watch pizzas being made. Once everything was ready, the class sat down together and shared the food out for a feast. We even got to take some bread and pasta home!

On Friday 12th May, Year Six got the wonderful opportunity to visit St Mary's in Knaresborough.

When we arrived, we had a fun day with activities such as: rounders, parachute games and tennis. At the end of the day, we went inside and had cake and juice! 

Everyone thought that it was a lovely way to celebrate the end of the Year Six SATs. We hope that the future Year Six class will have this delightful opportunity too!

Some (rather delayed) photos from our Residential in April - everyone had a fantastic week at The Briars, especially our day of abseiling and canoeing!

Year 6 taking part in the inter-house pentathlon! 

*whispers* Go St. Bede! 

Here are some photos from the Year 6 St Patrick's Day assembly. 

We all enjoyed teaching the school a song from the Big Sing, learning about who St Patrick was and dealing quickly with "minor technical glitches"! 

On Thursday, the whole school took part in a sponsored pilgrimage around the classrooms in aid of the School of Joy. In each classroom we learned about two stations of the cross, completing a very thoughtful and reflective activity, before meeting up in the hall for a celebratory hymn to symbolise the joy of Easter!

Fairtrade is a foundation that that gives farmers across the world a fair price for items they produce. It gives them money to send their children to school and buy the equipment they require.
— Year 6, during Fairtrade Fortnight

In March, the whole school celebrated World Book Day. Here are Year 6, dressed up as their favourite book characters!

Year 6 enjoying our new Real PE lessons!

In December, Year 6 very much enjoyed helping to run the school fair! 

Each class designed and made Christmas-themed treats, and Year 6 worked very hard to run each of the stalls. We were also very proud of ourselves for making the most profit for charity! 

Here are some photos of the Cross Country event held on the 8th November 2016. Year 6 had great fun helping Reception to complete their race and then cheering on children from each of the four houses across the school. Students from St. John Fisher High School came to organise the race and help us to 'warm up'. We were really proud of the children for doing something challenging and for the team spirit they showed.

In October, we learned how to ride our bikes safely on the road.

Thank you Bikeability Team!


In September, the whole school celebrated Dahlicious Day after two weeks learning about the great author. Here we are in our fizz-wizzing costumes!

In KS2, we spent part of Roald Dahl's birthday emulating his creativity with a carousel of activities. Year 6 decided to challenge the school to create their own weird and wacky chocolate bar to try and sell to Mr Willy Wonka himself!


Hello, my name is Miss Webber and I am very excited to join the team at St Joseph's this year! I am thrilled to be teaching Year 6 and am looking forward to getting to know everyone in the school community. We have had a brilliant first week in the new classroom; using the new SMART board to make teaching as interactive as possible. My favourite subject to teach is Maths and I can't wait to start exploring the life and legacy of the Ancient Greeks this term. I know that together, Year 6 and I are going to have a fantastic year!

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