My name is Miss Pywell, I am new to St Joseph's this year and I'm so excited to be teaching at such a wonderful school. I live in Harrogate and in my spare time I enjoy playing tennis, baking and being in the outdoors with my lovely Miniature Schnauzer, Paddy. 

I love my job because each day takes us on a different, exciting adventure allowing us to discover surprises and new knowledge. Our year 2 classroom is setup to encourage independence, challenge and develop a love of learning.

We can't wait to enjoy this academic year!

This half term we have been looking at Poetry, we have been focusing on poems about Spring. To bring our poetry unit to a close we recited  'The First Day of Spring' with expression and our own actions. We hope you enjoy watching it.

Class Collective Worship
Today's Gospel was about Jesus sending his disciples on a special mission to spread the word and spread love. We thought of ways we could spread love within school and promised to be 'Good News' people. We took these promises to Jesus and represented this by taking a marble, dropping it into a bowl of water. 

Kaja- 'The marbles represent God's family around the candle.'
Dulcie- 'The candle represents Jesus and the small tealights represent his disciples'

Big Cats
We have been writing non-chronological reports on Big Cats so we created some beautiful artwork to go with it. 

Naughty Reindeer!

18.12.17 - We came in to school on Monday morning to find someone or something had been in our classroom over the weekend! It was Year 2's job to investigate the crime scene and collect evidence to solve the crime. We had to wear protective clothing when we entered the crime scene, including gloves and masks. We made notes, collected important evidence and placed it in the evidence bag before filling out our Police report form. We couldn't believe it when Mrs Rouse and Mrs Tinkler-Rose found CCTV footage! We had so much fun solving the crime!

CCTV footage

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A Miracle in Town

15.12.17 - This week we performed our KS1 Advent Presentation after spending many weeks rehearsing. We sang our hearts out and had so much fun telling the story of the very first Christmas.  Thank you to all parents and teachers for their support.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


As it is Advent now, we have been preparing ourselves for Christmas. We have a 'Kindness Advent Calendar' which we open everyday. We have put up our tree and written our Advent promises. 

DT - Paper Dragons

In DT we have been investigating, designing and planning our own paper dragons to fit with our Focus story in English, George and the Dragon. Our design criteria to fulfill was to make a paper dragon that could move. We hope you enjoy looking at our creations! 

Year 2 Assembly

We did our year 2 assembly on our RE topic, Mysteries. We showed our paintings and shared our ideas about where we think God is. 18/11/17 


Our topic in RE this half term is mysteries. We have been talking about what mysteries are and have been thinking of some of our own. This week in RE we enjoyed responding to the mystery question 'Where is God?' through creative paintings and thoughtful discussions. 

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We have been looking at the mystery of the Holy Trinity and used lollipop sticks to create a model of the Holy Trinity.

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Please click on the pictures to scroll through our slideshow.


In Maths this week we have been sorting 2D shapes according to symmetry properties using Venn diagrams. We have been identifying right angles and using our 'angle eaters' to help us find different right angles around the classroom. We also used our knowledge of right angles to sort triangles and shapes with right angles on a Venn diagram. 28/9/17

This week in Maths we have been looking at shapes that tessellate. This means when they fit together without any gaps or overlapping. We did a problem solving style lesson in pairs where we had to make our own shape template that tessellated and used this to make a lot of different shapes that would fit together. We had lots of fun and enjoyed doing a practical lesson. 13/10/17

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In English our new topic is adventure stories. Before we start writing our own stories we had an experience day. We have been reading a story called The Building Boy which is about an architect and his Grandma. We have been architects by designing blue prints and then building Grandma out of clay. (Emily S)