School Council

St. Joseph's School Council Members 2016–17

Marcus, Isla & Marco
Year 2

Nicholas & Julia
Year 3

Angus & Lily
Year 4


Anna & Shay
Year 5

Tom & Rachel
Year 6


Our School Council play a very active and important role in our school. They regularly meet to discuss suggestions and ideas about how to improve our school. School Council members are elected by others in their class. 

The School Council have many roles and responsibilities. These include meeting with members of the Governing Body, being involved in the interviewing of new staff, delivering school assemblies, representing their class during meetings and discussing new school policies when appropriate.

Latest News

March 2016:

St. Joseph's has continued to host cluster group meetings for Year Five and Six School Council members from local schools. The group decided to build on the success of last year's cluster group fundraising project by organising a 'Silly Socks Day' in each school to raise money for The Yorkshire Air Ambulance. The School Council will be providing more details next term.